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Why Go for Chlorine-free Diapers

Updated: Feb 8

One thing that we forgot to highlight about Omutsu Diaper is the fact that it is actually chlorine-free! Other than cleaning up pools and using it to remove tough stains, what do we actually know about chlorine?

But before answering that question. why do they put chlorine on making baby diapers in the first place? It is the same with the reason why we put bleach or cleaning agents on sinks and dirty surfaces- to make them whiter. When you see white, you will be given this perception of cleanliness and purity, but that is just how we see it. In actuality, that is the reason why some cheap diapers are not safe for your babies at all!

Chlorine has contributing factor on the allergic reaction of the diaper to your baby's skin. You might be thinking that diaper rashes are solely because of bacteria from the pee, but this harmful chemical also contributes on your baby's rashes. You might think that all diapers are the same but you will be surprised to see the difference once you switch to a chlorine-free premium diaper.

Rashes are "just" the immediate bad effect of this chemical to your baby. In fact, there are bigger reasons on why you should completely ban chlorine from getting in contact with your babies. Chlorine in diaper may potentially leave dioxin on your baby's skin and this is very harmful for babies (and even the adults). Dioxins are fairly difficult to get excreted by the body. In fact, it takes years before they are completely out of the system. This may lead to failure in function of some body organs, bad effects on the immune and respiratory system or even cancer.

You may be saving a bit of cash for using cheap diapers for now but always look at the long-term effect that this may cost you and your baby.

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