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Dangers of the Flu Season

Welcome 2024! Together with the festivities brought about by the holidays, in comes the flu season in the Philippines. Flu season is caused by the sudden change of weather and affects not only the adults but the children as well. It may not post much harm for most but it can be dangerous most especially to adults with comorbidity and fragile infants. Now you may wonder how can a simple sniffle, cough or fever become dangerous?

First off, fever is your body's way of telling you that something is not right internally and it is fighting off infections brought about by different causes such as inflammations, virus bacteria etc. So, it is important to know what causes the body to exhibit particular symptoms. According to CDC there are many complications that a simple flu may cause infants and they are as follows.

  • pneumonia (an illness where the lungs get infected and inflamed),

  • dehydration (when a child’s body loses too much water and salts, often because fluid losses are greater than fluid intake),

  • worsening of long-term medical problems like heart disease or asthma,

  • brain dysfunction,

  • sinus problems, and ear infections.

They also warned that if flu is not given the right attention, it may eventually lead to death. It is imperative that parents are aware of their kids' condition and proper care must be observed at all times.

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