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The Natural Multi-tasker

Updated: Feb 8

It is quite impressive to see people who are good in multi-tasking. But when multiple babies are involved? Impressive is no longer a word that can describe how great moms can get. It might seem to be a piece of cake for some moms but some women are having a hard time managing both the home and the babies at the same time. Just how do they do this.

Here are some tips on how these moms achieve the title "superwoman" of the household:

  • The most vital tip on maintaining a great home is maintaining a good mind and body to keep up with all the hard work and stress. Loving yourself does not equate to giving your kids or your home less love. It is always important to have a few hours or minutes to yourself once in a while.

  • An actual SCHEDULE. You may have plans in your head as to what you are going to do at a particular day or time but it always helps that you have a schedule prepared so you can allot the proper time and organization for all the tasks that needs to be done. This way, you can also arrange the tasks according to priority but you don't miss small but important details.

  • LISTEN. There are times when you feel that there are things that actually work for you that you automatically shut down other ideas. Suggestions may come from friends, in laws, or strangers and you might have nodded or smiled absentmindedly through the lecture but always keep an open mind to new lessons. While having your own style on how you run things, some suggestions might actually help you out. You may never know when these lessons can come in handy.

  • Practicality is not always about shelling out less cash. There are things that you need to invest on more because it saves you time which will enable you to do things that are more productive. One example is buying diapers. There are lots of cheap brands out there and naturally, the "wise mom" in you dictates that spending less is the only way to go. You don't realize how much more stress you are putting yourself in constantly worrying about leakages and diaper rash. Premium items are called premium for a reason and it is not always because of the price.

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