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Omutsu Diaper & Wipes

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Exceptionally Thin and Light but Absorbs So Much!

Chiron's Omutsu diaper may be the lightest and softest diaper a caring Mom could ever provide for her baby. Wearing Omutsu is like a ride on the clouds- it is designed to be so light and soft to provide babies with the utmost feeling of lightness and mobility. 



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Ultra Thin and Soft

Omutsu is designed to fit even the most active babies. Its super light feeling enables your baby to move freely and actively. The surface touching the baby has a silk-like gentle touch which prevents irritation to the sensitive skin.

Super Absorption Power

Omutsu's absorbent pad makes use of Japan made SAP(Super Absorbent Polymer). Researched and developed for many years our Japan made SAP is known to absorb and retain up to 1000 times its weight in water. Chiron only makes use of accredited Japan SAP ensuring well wet absorption with its diapers.

Even Wet Distribution

Chiron ensures no saggy diapers for your babies. With Chiron's Acquisition Distribution Layer, wet is evenly distributed and is made sure to reach the absorbent layer containing SAP evenly. Uneven bulkiness and leakage is also prevented because the SAP layer is in between the Distribution Layers making the polymers adhere to both sides.

Breathability on All Sides

Omutsu diaper makes use of breathable cloth-like back sheet that allows air to pass through and enables evaporation of moisture to keep the baby's behind dry. It also uses breathable top sheet from the waist to the cuffs as to ensure dryness on all sides.

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Pull Up Type Features 

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Pull Up Typ Features
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Soft Stretchable Waistband

The fluffy soft stretch around the waist snugly fits even the most active babies.


Urine Indicator

The three lines in the center lets you know when to change the baby's diaper by turning blue in color.


Cuff 3D Stand-Up Leak Guard

The soft fit gather fits the thighs very well preventing leakage




Weight Reference


0kg to 5kg

90 pcs

4kg to 8kg

84 pcs

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OMUTSU letter 700pxls.jpg

Tape Type Features

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Tape Type Features
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Re-adjustable Velcro Tape

Very easy to attach and detach as many times as needed.


Leg Cuff Leak Guard

Keeps the diaper in place and prevents leakage from the sides. Designed to prevent leakage even of soft poop.


3 Lines of Wetness Indicator

Turns blue when the diaper becomes full.


Stretchable Waist Gather

Softly fits and prevents leakage at the back. No feeling of tightness even when the baby's stomach is full.


Weight Reference



6kg to 11kg

58 pcs


9kg to 14kg

48 pcs



12kg to 22kg

38 pcs

15kg above

34 pcs


Silk-like Soft Surfaced Sheet

Has high water retaining properties that keep the baby comfortable and dry.

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