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Baby on a Holiday!

Updated: Feb 8

It is summer here in the Philippines and for sure, everyone either wants to stay cool and comfy with their AC at home or trying their luck in booking the best summer getaway that they can find. With the blazing and unforgiving sun, there is no better way to spend your long weekend other than going to the beach, right? But what about your little one? I am sure, you can't wait to see them in their cute little bathing suits. So if you are really adamant on brining them to the beach, then here are some tips.

It is quite obvious that the heat of the sun becomes more intense from 10 am up to the afternoon. So be sure to come to the beach earlier so that your baby can enjoy playing at the sand and water while the sun is not too harmful yet. You may resume it late afternoon when the heat is not too harsh anymore.

While there are tons of cute swimsuits out there, it is still best to pick out swimsuits that has the most coverage. You should also choose those with light weight materials and lighter shade rather than colors that attract more sunlight.

Keep them under the shade! While adults are ok basking under the sun, our babies have far more sensitive skin so babies under 6 months should stay away from direct sunlight as much as possible. If you can't avoid it, make sure they are covered with soft cloth or sleeves. For babies 6 months and up, protect them with sunscreen with SPF 30-50 every time they go out even if it just cloudy. Reapply every 2 hours or even more frequently if they get into water.

When they get into the water, make sure that they won't stay long. If possible, do not even bother taking them there most especially if the current is strong because it is very dangerous for them to ingest salt water. Babies under 1 year old have not fully developed their livers so ingesting salt can be dangerous or even deadly for them. If you want them to learn swimming at an early age, it is safer to do it on swimming pools, salt water or saline pools could be very hazardous to them.

If you want them to maximize their time playing at the sand. Make a small hole for them and fill it with a bit of water and toys. That should be enough to keep them entertained for hours. Make sure you bring a blanket where they can rest afterwards. Do remove their bathing suit and change them into their diaper and clean cool clothes when they are resting or eating. You may change them back once they go back into the water.

So mommies and daddies, let us all enjoy our time in the beach but always be mindful of your babies' sensitivity to too much sun, bacteria and saline water.

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