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Happy Women's Month!

Updated: Feb 8

This is for her who wakes up each morning to make sure her husband’s breakfast is ready and the kids have everything they need for school that day. Your effort may go unnoticed but let me tell you, great job!

This is for her who goes to work, braving the traffic and pollution only to end up on a desk with a list of task that doesn’t seem to end but get so little in her paycheck. It may seem that the money you bring home barely meets your daily needs but, great job!

This is for her who struggles everyday with unseen demons on her head. They call you crazy and mock you, but they don’t know how difficult it is for you to live through the day with a struggling mind and a heart that is empty. Great job!

This is for her who battles the world alone but tries to survive because she knows her eldest son will be taking his final exams next week and the baby needs her formula and diaper daily. Great job!

This is for her who may have her own problems at home but takes time to go out and do her share to help out the community in every way she can. Great job!

This is for her who feels unfortunate not to have a partner she can spend the rest of her life with or a child to cherish as she gets old. You may feel incomplete, but you happily live your life and make the most of it and for that, great job!

This is for her who gets the worst treatment at a male dominated work because well, “babae ka lang.” Yes, “babae ka lang” but you have outworked and did so much better than most of the men at work so, great job!

This is for her who was used, abused and forsaken. It may take a while to heal, to cry and to try to see how you can make sense of the world. But you held on, you kept yourself together and stayed strong and for that…

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