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Daddy's Diaper Dilemma

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

One of the biggest nightmares of dads these days is changing the diaper of their babies when they are on a public setting. Traditionally, diaper changing tables are only found on ladies rooms because it is assumed that babies only go out when moms tag along. Therefor, dads have to become creative and put themselves in the most awkward positions every time their baby's nappies need changing. Having a companion could make this task less daunting but imagine when he is alone with his baby.

Good thing, there are establishments (though very, very few) who have thought about addressing this conundrum by creating gender inclusive facilities. In Mumbai, there is an airport that went trending on social media because of their changing station. Kempegowda International Station is where one passenger named Nikhil Lanjewar found the family restroom when he was traveling once with his child. He wrote, “Babycare has for long been considered a woman’s responsibility. That’s changing for good. The next thing we need are gender neutral restrooms.”

Netizens applauded this gesture saying that this kind of facility should be normalized. We think it is not only the changing area but the concept of inclusivity in general. Back in 2016, President Obama signed the BABIES act (Bathrooms Available In Every Situation) which requires all public federal buildings to have diaper-changing tables in all restrooms. There had been two presidents after him but it doesn't seem to be enacted in most private establishments. So for now, Daddies get a free workout time at public restrooms because they will have to settle for squatting when changing baby's diaper.

Here in the Philippines, there are malls that have family lounges meant to cater to those with kids. In my experience, I have never seen a dad come in any of these family washrooms which made me think, are they even allowed there? At the end of the day, no matter what roles parents have in raising their kids, dads have a right to be comfortable on becoming a father to their child, whether it is earning money for their daily needs or simply changing their baby's diaper on the men's room.

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